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Pilates Yoga Studio OaklandEmbodiment-to make a part of a system or whole

At Embodiment Pilates & Yoga Studio, we believe that Pilates and Yoga are pathways to health, wellbeing and finding our truest alignment.
We believe that movement and breath are nourishment for the body and soul. 

We work in a way with our clients by bringing them into a more aligned body; which in turn gives them more energy, more calmness, while also aligning them within their own lives.

When our spines, breath and movement come back to a more harmonious alignment, we feel better, look better, our lives become more fulfilling, enriching and joyful.

Shannon and Sandra have specializations in injury prevention, back pain, pain management, and sports injuries. Their practice focuses on rehabilitation; they have helped clients use Pilates, Yoga, and Yamuna Body Rolling to manage a variety of conditions, from spinal surgeries to professional athletes looking for optimum performance.  

Since 2000, they have worked with clients of all ages, fitness levels, and movement conditions to move and feel better, learn about their bodies and learn how to take charge of their own health and well being.

They both come to Pilates with a love and appreciation of movement and the body, and they love what they do!

Pilates can be designed for any and every body, from the professional athlete, to the injured or rehabilitating.  Pilates is a great compliment to those who practice Yoga, receive Chiropractic work, Accupuncture, or Physical Therapy.

 Pilates is a way to deepen any practice, sport, or simply deepen one's understanding of their body. Pilates not just brings your system back into wholeness, but treats your body as a whole.  

Pilates is great for back pain, strength conditioning, joint and nerve pain, disc issues, instability issues, pre and post surgery, knee pain, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, pre and postnatal, stress, fibromyalgia, headaches, scoliosis, sciatica, spondylosis, spinal stenosis, hip and knee replacements....The list is endless!  Pilates is good for everything!  Call today to set up a private session, and start moving again!

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